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2nd All-Russian Student Physicists’ Tournament

2nd All-Russian Student Physicists’ Tournament took place at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology from October, the 12th to 15th. The Tournament was extremely interesting as it was expected. All the participating teams worked hard to obtain the scores.

3 visiting teams took part in the tournament. Two of them are from Voronezh and one from Chelyabinsk. All the visiting team took part for the first time and their results were quite well, they were only a bit inferior to their experienced rivals. The final game was extremely spectacular. Every team chose the favorite problem and presented they. Final game was recorded and link to video will appear soon on the page of the tournament ( in Russian).

Team “Legend” was in the lead from the very first day of the tournament. This team had already won at the All-Russian and International Physicists’ Tournament. This team will present Russia at the International tournament taking place in Dolgoprudniy in March, 2011.

The results of the tournament:

  1. “Legend”, MIPT – the winner

Vanovskiy Vladimir (captain), Agarkov Dmitriy, Bulanchuk Pavel, Manakov Max, Oliynichenko Dmitriy, Sandulanu Stefan.

  1. “DGAP-2”, MIPT – II place

Fedorov Sergey (captain), Nikolaev Mikhail, Matrosov Mikhail, Urman Boris.

  1. “For two days”, MIPT – II place

Vishnyakov Evgeniy (captain), Azarevich Andrei, Voropaev Vasiliy, Zyablovskiy Alexander, Nosach Evgeniy, Mironchuk Elena.

  1. “Physical department”, SUSU

Kupriyanets Dmitriy (captain), Bogatirev Boris, Boiko Dmitriy, Kashukov Sergey, Podivilova Elena, Semenyak Anna.

  1. “Handbell”, VSU

Ibragimov Rustam (captain), Kasianov Vladimir, Naskidashvili Alexander, Prokudin Mikhail, Ryabtsev Dmitriy.

  1. “Avangard”, VSU

Lisenko Nikolai (captain), Burtsev Alexander, Gazizov Roman, Komov Konstantin.

The winners in different nominations were as usual awarded.

“The best reporter”:

  1. Oliynichenko Dmitriy, Legend
  2. Sandulanu Stefan, Legend
  3. Bogatirev Boris, Physical department

“The best opponent”:

  1. Vanovskiy Vladimir, Legend
  2. Zyablovskiy Alexander, For two days
  3. Kasianov Vladimir, Handbell
  4. Gazizov Roman, Avangard

“The best reviewer”:

  1. Urman Boris, DGAP-2
  2. Agarkov Dmitriy, Legend
  1. Mironchuk Elena, For two days


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