Московский физико-технический институт (государственный университет)

27 июня (четверг) в 11:00 в 119 аудитории главного корпуса МФТИ состоится лекция приглашенного ученого, д-ра Франка Айзенхабера

27 июня (четверг) в 11:00 в 119 аудитории главного корпуса МФТИ состоится лекция д-ра Франка Айзенхабера, директора Института биоинформатики Агентства по науке, технологиям и исследованиям Сингапура: "When will we understand our own genome? About the progress in sequence analysis-based discovery of biomolecular mechanisms". Abstract Genome sequencing technology is progressing in a truly breath-taking pace; yet, it is rarely publicly emphasized that all this advance essentially just improves our ability to faster accumulate ever larger amounts of non-understood sequences for a somewhat cheaper price [1]. If extrapolated from the previous decade since the first complete human genome sequencing, it will take us at least another century for just understanding the molecular and cellular functions of all protein-coding genes. Not even a stable reference proteome can presently be derived from the human genome [2]. Circumstances of some gene function discoveries (SET domain proteins [3], ATGL [4], N-terminal of NFAT5 [5], mutations in patient-specific influenza strains [6-9], etc.) are analyzed to understand what are the kind of projects that will contribute to change the picture. Sequence-analytic methods that predict experimentally verifiable molecular and cellular functions will be of great importance, especially if the they open new insights into potential functional properties of non-globular regions of proteins such as unstructured segments or sets of transmembrane regions (TMs) [9-15].


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