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Семинар МЦФИ - "Многочастичная локализация: от квантовых систем к классическим"

22 апреля в 17:05 ауд. 113 ГК состоится Научный семинар МЦФИ

Докладчик: Денис Баско, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Grenoble, France

Тема доклада: "Многочастичная локализация: от квантовых систем к классическим."


When single-particle excitations of a disordered quantum many-body system are all localized in the coordinate space, a sufficiently weak local interaction does not destroy localization. There is no relaxation or transport in the system, which is known as many-body localization. In contrast to a quantum system, where a continuous energy spectrum can be obtained only in the limit of the infinite system size, in a classical system, motion can have continuous spectrum already for a finite number of degrees of freedom, and this leads to chaotic dynamics. Because of this, in a disordered system with an extensive energy, the probability to be on a chaotic trajectory tends to unity with increasing system size. This produces finite transport coefficients at arbitrarily weak nonlinearity.

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